Gamedawg is an incredible contributor to the indie game world. Gamedawg has created a vast library of RPGMaker game playthrough videos. This good pup is also working on a game at this time check it out…

RPGMaker is not the only thing this good pup is into. Check out a vast array of the genre of video games, including Minecraft. 

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Gamedawg is an absolute legend in the realm of RPGMaker. 

Gamedawg has incredible talent and extends his solo video skills to the community to offer compelling, interesting, and constructive videos. 

This is one good pup! This good little doggy works very hard to respond, create, and offer constructive criticism in order to help developers ascend and level up. 

Gamedawg does this by accurately and honestly identifying areas for improvement. While simultaneously presenting the positive features in a supportive and inspiring manner. 

Gamedawg has a heart of gold. We here at JBOOCH have a special love for this pup. 

He will always be allowed on the couch at our studio. 

We thank Gamedawg for his continued awesomeness, and contributions to the indie world, and for doing this interview. 

What a good dog! In fact, he is arguably the top dog in the RPGMaker YouTube realm. 

Forget giving him a pat, let’s all pause a moment to recognize his awesome contributions and clap!

We love you Gamedawg!
Keep it real, Dog!

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Gamedawg RPGMaker Streamer and developer interview blog avatar.

 What inspired you to start making videos about gaming?

Some of my earliest videos were back in high school and I remember around the time my two biggest inspirations to try Let’s Plays were NintendoCapriSun & ClementJ642.

I then stopped for a bit. Then around college, it was watching Northernlion a lot that inspired me to not only get back into it, but take it more seriously by experimenting with stuff like developer requests, monetization, and having an actual content schedule.

(Check out one of Gamedawg’s awesome recent videos it is a masterpiece.)

Which game was meaningful in a way that the narrative changed or helped your outlook on life?


Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward It’s a visual novel about nine people who are kidnapped, and forced to play a game where they solve puzzles and betray each other, with the risk of death around every corner. It’s easy to take one glance at this game and assume it’s just “Saw, but anime”, but it very quickly evolves into this ambitious story about quantum theory, timelines, canonicity, and tons of extremely complex psychological theories.

I remember this completely overwhelmed me back when I played it on 3DS in high school, but in a good way. It got me curious to look into these concepts, and to play the game multiple times to understand everything. I’ve never had an experience like this before. Researching some of the subject matter this game tackled genuinely shaped the person I am today. And furthermore, it was the game that made me realize that gaming as a medium can be much more than just power fantasies for nerds.

The gaming experience, inspiration and influence.
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What made you interested in RPGMaker? What are the merits and what are the drawbacks of RPGMaker?


I want to say my first exposure to RPG Maker was through hearing about Off through a YouTuber (don’t remember which). I then became fascinated by how interesting a lot of games made with it are, which got me curious to eventually try it myself.

The software does have a lot of limitations, but I love how it’s ease of use allows for just about anyone to pick it up and create something. It feels like everyone has a personal story they would like to tell, and RM is one of the easiest ways for that expression to become a reality.

What other interests do you have other than  RPGMaker  & gaming-related awesomeness?


Admittedly, it feels like games are mostly what I focus on nowadays. Which… is probably a little concerning. Although one thing I always enjoy outside of that is general outdoorsing.

I was in Boy Scouts as a kid and I did a ton of camping there, even in the winter! And while I don’t have the time nowadays for camping, I still love visiting woodsy or beachy areas to just walk around for a few hours.

Over the past few years I’ve also been doing this thing with my dad where we go to campgrounds or waterfronts we visited a lot when I was a kid for the nostalgia of it. I also love swimming. Particularly lake swimming. My parents got me into paddleboarding too, which is always a ton of fun.

Father and son on a nostalgic journey
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Are then any top tips you can give to Indie developers about making a great gaming experience and community?


I’d say not to worry too much. People seem to fret a lot about their story being too cliche, or the gameplay being too similar to something else, or feeling a bit unbalanced, or the art being bad, etc. But I find that a lot of times, even when a game is ‘bad’, if the devs truly wanted to make something special and put their all into it, it always shows. It’s easy to tell when a lot of heart and effort was put into a game. This is a humanizing feeling.

One that feels quite lost in most AAA games today, honestly. And this feeling matters a lot more than people realize. Although also keep an open mind if any mistakes you make are egregiously bad. And use that feedback to either improve your game, or your next one.

Thank you to this RPGMaker Wonder – The Gamedawg

Gamedawg has blessed JBOOCH with a very human and compelling interview. 

Gamedawg is a pillar of the Indie Gaming community, and we are incredibly thankful. 

We were also blessed to have Gamedawg play our Alpha Demo a year or so ago circa 2023. 

Check it out…

A lot has changed in the game based on the feedback that Gamedawg gave us. 

We have overhauled the game and it is considerably different check out a more recent playthrough, see the interview with AmalgamAsh.

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