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Here At JBO Studios, we’re a team of aspiring game developers. We met at college while studying. Because our friendship is strong, we managed to make games together. But, our friendship was tested.
our games have deep lore and reflect our studies. we pour our heart and soul into our games. so, the player can have a one of a kind experience. 

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Game arcade with a player
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JBO Studios Games Ethos

Here at JBO Studios, we understand the fact that games are a valued pass time for many. Ergo that’s why we believe it’s essential to work hard and tenderly care for lore and design to get the games on the right path. 

We founded JBO Studios with a mission to provide a safe, reliable, and impactful indie-gaming environment for all. Because we know it is as brutal out there as the streets of GTA and we all need a release. 

With the help of carefully selected Game developers, an engaging set of games in the pipeline, and a well-designed debut game, we have created a strong foundation. One we hope to build upon and extend to other Indie-game developers in the future.

Our Games and Contact

One of the most well-known stories of the era known as the Dark Ages is the legend of the Once and Future King, King Arthur, wielding the Sword of Emperors Excalibur. Alleged to be a grandson of the Roman Emperor Constantine, he fought the Saxon invaders and united the land of Britain, once more, into a single entity called Albion.

This is one of our games that is an adventure through a realm of Magic

You start in a magical enclave and attend Thornsville Academy. A
prestigious academy is known for producing some of the greatest casters that the kingdom has ever seen.


You progress, and graduate after a gruesome plot unfolds and move to the city of Ogresfield. 



Join us on our Discord server to discuss our games, review other games, and discover some great streamers! So, you can get a heads-up on the latest developments and support our goals. 

We aim to create a safe environment for all those who love JRPGs and Indie games. So, we can build friendships and give the players the experience they deserve as human beings. 

In due course, we will be looking to expand our team. Therein, in the future, we hope to hire some game developers and streamers. 

What makes JBO Studios games different?

Hidden curriculum

We have BA degrees in the discipline of humanities, therein we can delve into lore and the dynamics of societal issues. Ergo we arguably give a truly immersive experience.

Passive Learning

We and others think our games are a good bash of fun. However, numerous cool facts are interwoven into the games. Therein it means while having fun, you learn some interesting stuff.

We have a good ethos

We came up with this idea with the goal in mind of empowering players, indie developers, and streamers alike. Because we have the mentality of being right to one another is fair and deserved.

Experienced players

We have over 50 years of combined gaming experience. Ergo, we have a pretty good idea of what makes a good game.
Additionally, we were there at the beginning when Final Fantasy was a realization.

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We can’t wait to meet you and learn about your gaming desires! get in touch we’ll answer all of your questions. we want to listen and be responsive to our Player’s suggestions.