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Here at Jbooch Games, we believe in supporting other creators of content. It is a failing of our era that people cannot take pleasure in Another’s smile or victory. At Jbooch games we believe in enjoying other People’s success and not having resentment or jealousy for Someone’s awesomeness. 

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Content Creators and what they mean to society

Creators of Content and their Role in Society

There are a wide variety of content creators in the world, each with their unique twist and lens on the earth and society. 

Here at Jbooch, we strongly believe in sharing in others’ joyful moments and feeling pleased with the creations that others create as content creators. 

We know that content is a vital part of many people’s lives. Without it, we would be in a cycle of eating, working, sleeping, and repeating. 

We Want to Share with You Some Incredible Content Creators

These are some amazing content creators that we have handpicked from the world wide web, although we know there are many more to find. 

These people are all unique and have intrinsic styles. 
We have creators that lavish their time on the creativity of words, music, game development, and streaming. 

We sincerely hope you enjoy our list of content creators and folow and subsricbe to their respective channels. 

Unite content creators
We are all equal

Our List is not Ranked

It would be impossible to rank the content creators we support, as we know they each have a unique voice and talent.

Equally, we know that different people appeal to different folk because everyone has their interests, likes and dislikes.


HelIo, I’m Heliogale. I’m a virtual content creator, writer and artist! I make content about media literacy using intersectional analysis and bad jokes. I also digitally self-publish fiction and fanfiction under my penname KnitWrits.

Here are my links!

Video content-





Ko-Fi e-book store:


Archive of Our Own Fanfiction [18+]: 

content creator Kazuki game image blogs



Hi, I am Kazuki. I enjoy making story-focused games because I can bring the worlds I create, to life. I enjoy JRPGs such as the Xenoblade series because they have rich worlds and compelling characters.




I’m Ash! I love fantasy, and RPGs – video games, tabletop, and book variety.

I support creators of all types with tutorials and let’s-plays on my channel.

: YouTube ►
Patreon ►
Ash’s Mixed Gaming Discord! ►


Hello, I’m Zach, or as most people know me online as “HuskyLeaf”. I primarily focus on illustrations, comics, novels, writing, and, most recently, visual novel. I’ve been doing art since 2011 and have been doing it professionally since 2015. In 2019, I created an art studio called, “Husky-Leaf Studios”, which currently comprises of myself and two other artists. Sometimes you’ll see them at conventions in the New England region of the United States. Along with art, I also have an online gaming channel called “Husky-Leaf Gaming” where we read and dub visual novels, read manga, commentate over anime, and do the occasional “let’s play”. 

Art Content:

Instagram –

Facebook –

Twitter –

YouTube –

Deviantart –

Patreon –

Gaming / Anime Content:

YouTube –

Twitch –

Patreon –

creator age rating warning for huskyleaf

Cafe Alisa

Hello, I’m a Japanese Teaching Vtuber content creator. 

My name is Alisa Saori. (佐織ありさ)

I stream on Twitch and YouTube.

I’m Japanese and I’m studying English.

But I still can’t speak well.

I used JBO-san’s “Japanese Romaji Adventure” Game to stream teaching Japanese.

Douzo Yoroshiku onegai shimasu 




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