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Our JRPGs are crafted with a plethora of knowledge, an avid passion for gaming, and some kick-ass know-how. With great delight, we bring you these Interesting and Relatively Unique JRPGs. 

Prince Arthur: The Monsters of Albion (JRPG)


The plot of Prince Arthur and the Monsters of Albion

In this JRPG, it is up to you as the heir of Albion to stake your claim to the Kingdom of Camelot, fighting on behalf of your sick father against the forces of your legitimate half-sister Morgana.  Several nobles have joined her cause seeking to overthrow your father and your father’s wishes, that despite your illegitimacy, you become King after his death. You must prove yourself to the people of Camelot and take several forts which are occupied by Morgana’s forces, in order to gain the backing of the people to become King.

To undertake this challenge, you must become proficient in handling the monsters wielding your summoning ring.

Explore the lands through forests of wolves, druids groves, iconic mountains, towns and coastlines retrieving monsters and advancing in summoner knowledge. Until you become worthy enough to claim the Sleeping Sword, to prove your ability as the future King and end Morgana’s claim to the throne.

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Prince Arthur: Monsters of Albion fully fledged JRPG features:

  • Collect, choose between, battle and evolve monsters.
  • Forage and Fish for Aquatic Items.
  • Heal on the upper floor of the Healing house.
  • Craft a variety of items ranging from Orbs, Potions, Talismans, Armour, War Paint and Incense.
  • Mend your equipment.
  • Complete quests, puzzles and liberate forts.
  • Use the Wiccans portal to fast travel between regions.
  • Quest log.
  • Lock-picking and stealing.
  • Morality system.
  • Profile of monsters, including the inspiration for them and their real-life counterparts in British nature and legend.
  • Puzzles.
  • A library and information specifying the history of the region.
  • Well-balanced monster battling system of, having up to three in your party and easy constant access to your monsters.
  • Obtainable monster choices – replay many times with different monsters.
  • Maps and type effectiveness scrolls so the information is always at your fingertips.

Have fun!

A collaboration project by Oliver Chappell and Jason Bowen.

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Ogresfield Chronicles: The Tale of the Shadow Priest (JRPG)


The Chronicles of Ogresfield is a JRPG adventure through a realm with magic set in the real world.

You start in a magical enclave and attend Thornsville Academy. A prestigious academy is known for producing some of the greatest casters that the kingdom has ever seen.

You progress, and graduate after a gruesome plot unfolds and move to the city of Ogresfield.

In the city of Ogresfield some people are aware of magic, and some are not it is a modern city with a lot to offer to the willing student.

What is important and special about Ogresfield is that no matter your creed or caste you are treated as an equal. And, so, there are dark forces that target such harmony.

At a time when the circles of magic want to reveal themselves to humans, it is contentious to the goal of a smooth surfacing of the magic peoples into the consciousness of human society.


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Kazuki (Artist)



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JBO Games

Edutainment JRPGs; Let’s play & learn.

Game arcade retro

The Jbooch duo are two game developers passionate about gaming and Edutainment.

There is a collection of Edutainment games available on the itch.io platform.

These games are made by JBO.

They are a collection of JRPGs.
Covering a variety of historical topics, chemistry, and life simulation (farming, zoology).

Common questions

JBO Jbooch collective logo

We have one home office in England and one home office in Japan.

We are working towards publishing other people’s games in the future. As long as they fit certain criteria. I.e. child-friendly, lore-heavy, and unique. 

We aim to reinvest the profits into the organization and recruit in the future. However, we have no plans to do so during 2024. 

Our games are child-friendly and have an educational dynamic. 

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