Before we look at Amalgamash and the awesome gameplay work he does for the indie developer community and indeed his own developer journey, let’s have a look at the other awesome creators of content that we can read later. Such as Kazuki or the JBOOCH team. 

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In this post, we are going to look at the interview answers from the legendary Ash and his incredible gameplay.

AmalgamAsh is somewhat popular in the indie game world. He makes videos about other gameplay and his own developer vlog, also tabletop games. If you have not heard of him and his gaming content, we urge you to follow the links on this page. Check out the superb content this human creates. Such as gameplay footage, indie games and tabletop splendours.  

AmalgamAsh is an incredible individual with a sharp sense of wit. This human has an amazing ability to offer constructive criticism. Doing this through the means of gentle comedy, thus creating entertaining playthroughs/gameplay.

We are blessed to have Amalgamash’s cooperation in creating this post. And we are indeed overjoyed about the recent playthrough of PA. It is a great display of the gameplay in the beta form. 

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Engineering gameplay concept bridge

What inspired you to start making videos about gaming and gameplay related projects?

The short answer is, Markiplier and Poly Bridge. I wanted to make a YouTube channel as far back as 2016 but kept putting it off due to not thinking I had the right equipment or preparations. I had a camera and a PC. Don’t be like me – start the thing you want to do and grow from there. 

I take my own advice now and jump right into every project I can. But back to Mark! I had watched a few of his videos and found his gameplay of Poly Bridge to really be inspiring. Because he was playing a game — just doing a Let’s Play-styled video. But he was talking about his civil engineering degree and work experience while building bridges. It was super interesting to listen to, and fascinating how he was able to build things the game hadn’t shown him yet. This was done by recalling the fundamentals of his education. 

I felt at the time I was covertly learning things about engineering, which I was also very interested in at the time. And I thought it would be a lot of fun to play games for a channel and covertly teach fundamentals on a variety of subjects. I actually wanted to do an electrical engineering course (and still have the kid’s products I would use to do that series if I get to it in the future)!

Which game gave you the best all-around gaming experience?


That’s a hard one.  As I get older / in certain moods / play more games, the things I look for in games changes, sometimes back and forth, and a variety of games can be a necessity to prevent burnout if you really enjoy going on these digital adventures. 

Right now, I’m playing Zelda – Tears of the Kingdom – and I’m in love with how many times the game has surprised me with its mechanics and with the things you are able to do.  I’ve said “This is NUTS!” more times than playing any other game. 

I’m not ashamed to say A Link to the Past was one of my favourite games as a kid, because of how accessible it was, and open — even if there was a path you should take, it wasn’t entirely strict, there was wiggle room and I felt very free playing.

Gameplay time for Prince Arthur and Zelda etc

What are you doing to ensure that gamers get a fantastic gaming experience in your upcoming project?


The dark fantasy RPG I am working towards right now won’t be for everybody due to its mature nature. But my goal is to regardless make it as accessible as possible within that sphere.

I am going all-in with inclusivity and have created a system by which the player can input their own pronouns. This is actually very easy to do and allows players who don’t want to be stuck with ‘him’ and ‘her’ pronouns, to be immersed in the world. With a character that is more their own.

Further customization will be a goal for the life of the project.
I’m paying attention to art and sound direction as well as dialogue, and camera direction. I want to really focus on all of the areas of the game that work together to give a good experience. Both during gameplay and cinematics.

What games inspire your love for gaming, gameplay videos, and gaming projects?

It changes – or I guess is added to – somewhat bi-annually. About every three to six months a new title will really inspire me, and I will work to translate those inspirations into ideas that could be used in a current or future project. I mentioned Tears of the Kingdom, but I am also eagerly awaiting Elden Ring’s DLC. The beauty-and-bleak- undertones and overtones of that world were really mind-blowing. I love every moment I spend in the Lands Between.

Of course, this has been going on for a while and stretches back to the classic games as well, and some retro titles that I had and loved that weren’t Mario or Zelda. Some of my earliest loves were Dragon Warrior on the NES (a game I reference when I think about challenge/balance for JRPGs).

I had a lesser-known title called Jewel Master for the Sega Genesis – I could hum the entire OST, it’s brilliant. And the game was really great. To sum it up, I went from NES to SNES/Genesis, to PlayStation – and each time I ‘graduated’ I’d still find games for the previous systems and got to discover old gems. But the PlayStation probably has the most titles that define my whole RPG experience, so I owe the greatest debt to my playtime with Xenogears, Final Fantasy VII (and VIII), Star Ocean 2, Threads of Fate and Wild Arms 2. Those are absolutely some of my favorite titles ever.

Audience of gamers watching gameplay

Are then any top tips you can give to Indie developers about making a great gaming experience and community?

This is probably the hardest question! Maybe not because it is difficult, but it can depend so much on the individual tastes of your audience. And for me, it depends on what I’m looking for at the time, and the kind of combination of elements and how each is delivered…hah! Sorry, I think the best advice here is just the most fundamental.

Know your audience as best as possible and consider the feedback that those closest to your target have. Don’t burn out and take breaks. And if you are just getting started, start a small project to learn with, and build your confidence!


If you were trapped on a desert island with a power outlet and some consoles with 5 games. What consoles would you so desire to have? And which 5 games?


If I’m stuck on the island, I’m going to play the games I’ve spent the most time with!
Fantasy Life for the 3DS – one of the best games I’ve ever played. No videos I’ve seen do it justice, it has just about everything and gets so many things right!
Elden Ring for PS4 – a game that can be played repeatedly, with each New Game being progressively harder. I love how all of the elements of design combine in this experience. I can’t wait for the DLC.
Tears of the Kingdom – I can tell this is going to be a suitably long experience and I love it. This game is coming with me while I continue to find new ways to traverse the land and build contraptions for combat!

Now, the question is…can I have internet on this island? If so, I know my last two answers!

Final Fantasy XIV, and Elder Scrolls Online – I love the former and there’s so much to do in the latter.

If I’m not allowed, then it’s easy enough – I’ll switch to Skyrim instead of Elder Scrolls Online, and Outward, both for my PS4. I’ve been meaning to get into Outward forever.

Of course, that means ignoring games that I’ve spent a couple dozen hours in, that I know I should be playing…
nervously glances at Persona 5 Royal
…hey, maybe when I get off this island!

Desert island game bundle concept

AmalgamAsh blessed JBOOCH with a compelling, humorous, and intriguing gameplay video of Prince Arthur the Monsters of Albion. 

We are incredibly thankful to AmalgamAsh for numerous reasons. 


1. Motivation

2. Being a pillar of the indie gaming community

3. Gameplay of PA

And everything else far and in between.



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