Before we check out the answers of Kazuki from Soul Narrative Games, we would like to show you some other interviewees that you can have a gander at later. Such as Amalgamash and the JBOOCH team. 

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In this post, we are going to look at the interview answers from Kazuki at Soul Narrative Games.

Kazuki makes incredibly impactful games with a powerful narrative. 

Kazuki at Soul Narrative Games is an incredible artist, storyteller, and game designer. 

This creator designs games with intricate stories and original and superb quality art. 

JBO has had the blessing of working with Kazuki from Soul Narrative Games on a game jam project. 

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As well as working on this project that was a cross-over of their game worlds, Kazuki has also been an instrumental force for good and motivation for JBO. 

And has contributed to the art of Ogresfield Chronicles.
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content creator Kazuki game image blogs
An original piece of art by Kazuki from Soul Narrative Games
Inspiring the narrative of games through imagination.
A piece of art by JBo

What inspired you to start game developmen?

What got me into game development is playing games like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.


I remember my brother and I would make “pretend” shops to buy stuff and make paper weapons. As we got older, we made up our own worlds and characters. 


They went on many adventures and that inspired me to bring that into reality through video games.


Which game gave you the best all-around gaming experience?


I actually have two games that gave me an all-around great gaming experience. Those games would be Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3.


They had good gameplay, an engaging story, likeable characters and a world that was fascinating and had many intricacies.


What are you doing to ensure that gamers get a fantastic gaming experience in your upcoming project that has a narrative focus?


I usually like to tie what is happening in the story through the game’s mechanics, so the player feels something similar to the characters. For example, if the character is feeling inspired, I may give them a temporary buff to strengthen them so the player feels they can push through this gameplay challenge.


What games inspire your love for gaming and your gaming projects?


The Xenoblade and Legend of Heroes series inspire me because of their detailed worlds and how well the characters are written. Then there are Pocket Mirror and Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Night, these two games have such great atmospheres. Music and visuals almost invite you to soak the world in.


The Path of the Martyrs billboard by Soul Narrative Games
The billboard for an incredible game by Kazuki
Soul Narrative Games - Ones' Desolation
An incredible piece of art created by Kazuki

Are then any top tips you can give to Indie developers about making a great gaming experience and community?


An important tip I can offer to other game developers is to make your games play to your strengths. For example, if you are good at making maps make games that have maps that flex that strength. If you are good at art, have a lot of art in your game. Another tip is to balance the game development tasks evenly so you don’t get burnt out from one area, it may derail your whole project.

I am not a very social person but the only advice for building communities is to find like-minded people, share your projects, and offer your support to them.

Incredible original art by Kazuki
An elegant and mysterious piece of art invoking a sense of wonder as to the cause of the tragic expresssion. By Kazuki.

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