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An Overview of Ogresfield Chronicles

Ogresfield Chronicles is a game that holds a special place in my heart. Although it began life as a game during the lockdown in Japan, it started life years before.

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How did Ogresfield Chronicles begin life?

The project began as micro-fiction on Commaful, a site primarily for poetry, although micro-fiction is also well situated on the website. The core elements of the storyline of the game were lifted from this micro-fiction I had made many years before. It was my goal in the micro-fiction series to have an overarching moral lesson that could benefit the reader. I have attempted to have that impact also in the game. However, it depends on the routes you take through the story and the character you choose. This is because the story arc is different, depending on choices like a visual novel.

What is the setting of Ogresfield Chronicles, The tale of the Shadow Priest?

The game is set in an alternate world of fantasy and magic, but it resembles the real world in many senses. I tried to address some of the harsh elements of High school and college life through the medium of the game.  This means there are a lot of elements in the game that some people might find a connection to if their experience in these educational institutions was not so smooth. My hope and intention are to show people they are not alone in these experiences as many know. My hope is that it gives the player a semblance of closure as they move through the game as well as a kick-ass JRPG experience.

The mood and elements of the game include some elements of Paganism such as the Nordic pantheon and the reading of runes. So too there are tarot cards that give you a reading in the game. Meanwhile, those items also act as augments to customize your characters as you see fit. Each character has their own assistant another unique character. It was a laborious thing to create both the multiple unique characters their move sets and the changing story. However, I learned a lot from the experience and created a Beta I am proud of.


Overall, I am happy with the content of this Beta game. I am looking forward to working with OCH on polishing the game as it is so close to completion and two minds are better than one. Although I focus primarily on Edutainment games with an educational dynamic, this game has less of the Edutainment factor than others. It is my hope that the moral messages I have imbued in the game symbolize the passion I have for edutainment.

I am excited to announce that this game has been accepted as a game that will be going into the JBOOCH portfolio.
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As always thank you for your time.
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