Prince Arthur monsters of Albion pitch post

Pitch Intro

The pitch intro is as follows… 

It is up to you as the heir of Albion to stake your claim to the Kingdom of Camelot, fighting on behalf of your sick father against the forces of your legitimate half-sister Morgana. Several nobles have joined her cause seeking to overthrow your father and your father’s wishes, that despite your illegitimacy, you become King after his death. You must prove yourself to the people of Camelot and take several forts which are occupied by Morgana’s forces, in order to gain the backing of the people to become King.

To undertake this challenge, you must become proficient in handling the monsters wielding your summoning ring.

Explore the lands through forests of wolves, druids’ groves, iconic mountains, towns and coastlines retrieving monsters and advancing in summoner knowledge. Until you become worthy enough to claim the Sleeping Sword, prove your ability as the future King and end Morgana’s claim to the throne.


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Pitch Showcase

Prince Arthur: Monsters of Albion features:

  • Collect, choose between, battle and evolve monsters.
  • Forage and Fish for crafting Items.
  • Heal on the upper floor of the Healing house.
  • Craft a variety of items ranging from Orbs, Potions, Talismans, Armour, War Paint and Incense.
  • Mend your equipment.
  • Complete quests, puzzles and liberate forts.
  • Use the Wiccans portal to fast travel between regions.
  • Quest log.
  • Lock-picking and stealing.
  • Morality system.
  • Bravery system.
  • Profile of monsters, including the inspiration for them and their real-life counterparts in British nature and legend.
  • Puzzles.
  • A library and information specifying the history of the region.
  • Well-balanced monster battling system of, having up to three in your party and easy constant access to your monsters.
  • Obtainable monster choices – replay many times with different monsters.
  • Maps and type effectiveness scrolls so the information is always at your fingertips.


Audience of gamers watching gameplay

Prince Arthur and the Monsters of Albion is an original twist on a much-loved monster-battling trope. It has been lovingly made and will appeal to a wide audience. It will appeal to history buffs, folk who love fairytales and magic, and people who like training monsters and completing quests it also blends the features of games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. It appeals to people who enjoy foraging and thieving. The game has a morality and bravery spectrum that impacts the game, leading to a different rating for each player.


It is also accessible in that the NPCs explain the game’s mechanics and, in a wider sense, prepare people to play this game and other intricately made JRPGs. This is a game we designed to get people into the genre as well as create a great experience for the player.


This game arguably appeals to a wide spectrum of people as it encompasses a wide spectrum of features blended together to create an immersive adventure into alternate history and folklore.


We both have a passion for video games, history, and folklore. JBO and OCH both enjoy games of the JRPG genre, such as Pokemon, Final Fantasy, etc. We wanted to marry our knowledge with our love for games and give it a unique twist. With the advent of monster taming and training games such as Monster Hunter, Monster Rancher, Pokemon, Digimon, etc., we desired to make our own game as a homage to those games but also add features and mechanics we always wished were available in those games. Additionally, the Gauntlet series of games on the Sega consoles were incredibly immersive at the time of their release. The JBOOCH team have been inspired by a myriad of games, and we have tried to encompass a variety of features that people know and love from a wide spectrum of games.

A mood board image for Jbooch JRPG games inspiration.


We have spent three years creating this game, and we are now at the stage of polishing the game. JBOOCH estimates that the game will be ready in 2024. We want to push for the game to be released in the new year, 2024. The gameplay time is over 20 hours; the time has been well spent, and the polish will require the next few months to ensure that it is a smooth experience for the players. Notably, the best speedrun done by our team is just under 9 hours.

Our Team

We are passionate about video games, history, and more. Also, we are a dynamic duo of game developers who met at university. And, we have forged our brotherhood through shared experiences and passions. 

Therein we care intensely about the lore, historical content, and playability of our games.

This duo of indie game developers desire to be a responsive publishing team that listens carefully to our community. 

Our aim is to provide a safe haven for gamers in which people within the community are treated fairly and with dignity.

We found from previous experiences that at times the indie-game-developing world can be an intense realm to get by in.
As a team, we want to provide a pleasant gaming environment for all with fair and just pricing. 


Gameplay time for Prince Arthur and Zelda etc

The game is almost complete; we have spent approximately 2,000 hours together on this epic project. We have spent a combined total of $600 on this project. There is no need to invest in the game design stage. We are looking for players who will play the game on Steam and spread the word as they see fit.

Thanks For Reading This Pitch...

Thank you for taking the time to read our pitch. We hope to hear from you soon. Please follow the link to our contact page to communicate with our team via Discord.